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Why Keystone?

We offer a sober, safe and secure environment in which to live while establishing and achieving recovery goals. Time spent at Keystone Sober Living is an opportunity to gain clarity and focus, become accountable, and take ownership of your life and long-term sobriety.

Keystone Benefits

  • Random alcohol & drug testing

  • Fitness equipment

  • Shared bedrooms

  • Structured Environment

  • Management on premises

  • 12 step meetings

  • Mandatory house meeting

  • Multiple bathrooms/showers

  • Central heat

  • Cable TV

  • Computer & wireless Internet

Gregg Ohlhaver, Founder & CEO of Keystone Sober Living

A word from Gregg Ohlhaver, Founder & CEO

To the lost, addicted, committed, and courageous – those ready for the fight of their life: Keystone is here for you. It took a great deal of courage to seek help for your disease. We will absolutely honor that decision. But will also challenge you to take the next step, to reconnect with what makes you happy and embrace a life you never thought possible. You will have the opportunity to shred the wreckage of your past and build the foundation for your future. Men who complete their stay at Keystone will have a realistic second chance at life.

Promoting recovery through an understanding of what each of the 12 Steps means in our daily lives is paramount to the success of all our guests. I look forward to welcoming you to the Keystone family. Until then, please feel free to contact me personally with any questions or personal concerns. Your journey begins today, and your path from treatment to independence begins the day you walk through the Keystone doors.

Wishing you courage for the beginning of your road to recovery.

Gregg Ohlhaver

Keystone Sober Living Leadership

Gregg Ohlhaver, Founder & CEO of Keystone Sober Living

Gregg Ohlhaver

Certificate of Alcohol and other Chemical Dependencies,
University of California Irvine

(949) 646-8222

Wren Goolsby

Wren Goolsby, CADC-II

Credential ID A049610518

Alumni Testimonials

Matthew - Keystone Sober Living Alumni
Keystone to me is home. No matter where I am, no matter what’s going on good or bad Keystone is a place I can come back to and feel safe. Having a place like that as an alcoholic or addict can be the difference between relapse and sobriety at any given time. Somewhere that you can always go back to with people who will know what you’re going through that will pat you on the back when you need it or call you on your shit when you’re feeling sorry for yourself. Keystone is the reason I am clean and sober today, plain and simple.

– Matthew B
Daniel - Keystone Sober Living Alumni
I’ve been through 3 treatment centers and around 6 sober livings during my run at trying to find peace within myself. Although once I came here to Keystone they were very welcoming caring, loving and accepting and I’ve felt more at home here than anywhere else. I have come a long way and thanks to the people here I can proudly say that I’m going to be okay. My favorite thing about Keystone has to be the Thursday night group, where alumni and residents get together to speak about their week or whatever is bothering them. It helps me hash out my feelings of uncertainty and doubt related to my insecurities. Keystone saved my life.

– Daniel M